Educational project

The Academy of Marie-Laurier offers its young customers:

A bilingual educational environment of high and excellent standards, a school which enriches the program content of the Ministry for Education (MEQ), using an open pedagogical scheme which is both rigorous and creative ;

A Good living environment wherein we feel proud to belong to, a place which meets the expectations of all the parents in relation to our excellent program content and learning assessments, the ways the pupils are mentored, and, finally, the ways supplementary activities and the discipline in general are conducted;

A Social environment that favors a significant contact with languages, arts, and culture and puts into practice the motto ‘ a healthy spirit in a healthy body’ by adapting healthy life habits, physical exercises, and daily practice of sports;

Adjusted services that consider the intrepid life of the parents. We provide one hour of supervised study integrated in the pupils’ schedule. In addition, parents can rely on diversified extracurricular activities, on complementary transport services, on the time their children spend in the cafeteria, and on the care service provided from 6.30 am to 6 pm.