June 9, 2020

Science Fair 2020: Marie-Laurier College students shine again

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As part of their Science and Technology coursework, Marie-Laurier College students presented their science projects at our annual Science Fair, on February 2, 2020.  During the school’s Open House, visitors were able to explore the many scientific and technological exhibits.

The scientific expertise demonstrated by nine of our students earned them nominations to compete in this year’s Monteregie Regional finals, at the Hydro-Québec Science Expo.  Unfortunately, due to this unprecedented period of social distancing, the regional finals have been canceled.

Be that as it may, the entire teaching faculty and school support staff would like to take this opportunity to enthusiastically congratulate the efforts, determination, and creativity of all Marie-Laurier College students.


  1. Alejandro G.S. and Olivia B. (secondary 1 and 2). Project title: The Hydraulic Claw Machine
  2. Adrian F. and Abdullah T. (secondary 2).  Project title: Mars Rover
  3. Faisal T. and William M. (secondary 4).  Project title: Virtual Reality
  4. Alexia K. and Hyelin K. (secondary 2).  Project title: The Cotton Candy Machine
  5. Yaseen S. (secondary 2).  Project title: The Perpetual Movement

HONORABLE MENTION: Daniel Y. and Alexandre D’A. (Secondary 1 and 2). Project title: The DD-1 rocket

Bravo to you all!