Candiac Private and bilingual school

The Campus of Candiac 

Candiac Primary School

Right in the middle of the town of Candiac, next to the highways 30 and 15, the campus of Candiac offers its preschool and primary school programs.

The preschool program, in English immersion or bilingual, is offered full-time to 3-year-olds (MFA permit). The Candiac campus also welcomes children in 4-year-old kindergarten and 5-year-old kindergarten, English immersion or bilingual, and bilingual elementary school.

Additional child care is offered, in the morning between 7:00 a.m. and after the end of classes, until 6:00 p.m.



Marie-Laurier Academy favors a significant contact with languages, arts, and culture and puts into practice the motto ‘ a healthy spirit in a healthy body’ by adapting healthy life habits as well as daily physical exercises and sport practices.

New: SCHOOL JUDO is included in the regular academic schedule


Candiac Campus innovates by integrating the Judo in its class hours.

By adding this sport to the Physical Education Program the student will have a daily physical activity.


Judo is a sport that could be practiced from the age of 4 years old til 104 years old

Judo has been created as a mental, physical and moral pedagogy in Japan in 1882 by the Jigoro Kano.

Judo is categorized as a modern and noble martial art today that has been developed as an Olympic Sport.

Judo reflects a philosophy and values that are summarized in the Moral Code:

1.   Modesty: Be without vanity or boastfulness

2.   Courtesy: Be polite to other people

3.   Sincerity: Speak truthfully

4.   Friendship: Be a good friend, be helpful and kind

5.   Self-Control: Control over yourself and actions

6.   Courage: Do what is right even if you are afraid

7.   Respect : Regard for others

8.   Honour: Be true to your word

Moral values are more important than the technic itself in Judo. The numerous salutes reflect the mark of respect (show the sign of respect).

Judokas wear white judogi and practice judo in the dojo

How to get there?

151 Jean-Leman, Candiac J5R 4V5

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