Preschool education

Regarding preschool education, the Academy offers prekindergarten program for children between the age of  3 and 4 to its different campuses.

The objectives of the program:

We help your child learn a second language. we contribute to his development in allowing him to follow his personal path according to his own pace. We help him enrich his capacity to enter in contact with others and with his environment by stimulating in him the desire to know himself and to interact with his surrounding world through the use of a multiple reality appropriation process related to his daily activities such as:

  • Motor skills
  • Individual and collective games
  • Arts and crafts
  • language Stimulation
  • Role plays
  • Mathematical and scientific awakening
  • Corporeal Expression
  • Music
  • Observation of the natural environment
  • Reading and storytelling
  • Computer Communication

Elaborated in respect to these objectives, the activity program targets the integral growth and development of the child and places him on the basis of its educational action. Parents are regularly informed about the themes dealt with in class and the song lyrics and rhymes their children have learned.

English language Immersion

We offer an exempt program of English language immersion five half days or 5 days a week.

Bilingual program

At the rate of two, three or five half days or two, three or five days a week, our bilingual program offers exempt activities both in French and English.

Kindergarten, age 5, is also offered to different campuses in a similar bilingual program. French- speaking children are regrouped in English immersion classes, while English- speaking or allophone children are placed in French immersion classes.


“Everything I really needed to know, I learned it in Kindergarten »
– Robert Fulghum