The Academy offers an enriched elementary-level program focused on bilingualism, in each of its three campus and an English mother language program from grade 1 to grade 6 at the Brossard campus. It should be noted that the teaching of French is taught by a French-speaking teacher and that of English by an English-speaking teacher.

From  the first year, in the bilingual path, the emphasis  is on reading and writing in French. The English course prioritizes oral communication.Physical education and science are taught in English to promote the presence of English in oral communication. While in the English path, conversely, reading and writing are taught in English and French is a second language where oral communication is preferred.

In the second year, the same  approach continues for the students in bilingual path, while for English students, three hours per week are added in French as a second language to better prepare them for french immersion in third year.

In the third year, English as a mother tongue is introduced for young people on a bilingual path, while for students on an English path, it is total

immersion in French except for the English mother tongue course, physical education and science.

In the fourth year, Francophone pupils undergo full immersion in English language, save for the French course, their mother tongue language.

In the fifth year, students who were in English immersion return to bilingual education. Physical education and science.classes are taught in English

and the other subjects are taught in French, while students studying in English continue their course in English.

In the sixth year, the same type of education continues for both paths.

In the sixth year ministerial exams, the majority of students in both pathways are registered and pass:

the French language exam (mother tongue) and also the English Language Arts exam (English mother tongue).